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Kefla’s Story

Who We Are


We initially established our brand as Rise Relief to develop hemp infused supplements with the idea that our flagship products (cacao bars) could be either eaten or used to make a delicious cannabinated drink. Our goal was to create a bar based on Ayurvedic golden milk containing the desired properties found in hemp extract, specifically USDA Certified Organic CBD, and this was the genesis for our Golden Turmeric bar. Combining knowledge, research and personal taste, we identified cacao butter as an ideal emulsifier for fat-soluble cannabinoids. And because…well who doesn’t like chocolate…we came to the decision to create multifunctional morsels that you can eat like chocolate or use to make a drink while simultaneously enjoying the desired qualities of hemp cannabinoids, including CBD.

Co-founders Brian and Yohannes (B & Yoh) selling cold brew coffee prior their CBD enlightenment.
Born in California, raised in Colorado.

A New Era


To maintain the integrity of our roots, we decided to rebrand as, Kefla, as a way to reflect the journey that led to you reading this right now. “Kef” is the phonetic spelling for a friendly, informal greeting used amongst friends in Eritrea, Yohannes’ motherland. “-la” represents Los Angeles, the city that Yohannes and his family arrived after venturing from East Africa. By joining our core values with the passion we possess for redefining the health and wellness space with hemp, Kefla is a way of connecting our roots to products that are good and products that are good for you.

Kefla’s Timeline


2014: Yohannes and Brian first met in the San Francisco Bay Area and formed a strong friendship over their love for cannabinoids and all things tropical.

December 2017: Officially launched what was, at the time, known as Rise Relief based out of Oakland, CA

September 2018: Rise Relief launches CBD Dark Chocolate products to offer a more traditional cannabinoid infused delivery system

January 2019: Rise Relief relocates from California to Colorado. Yohannes experiences snow for the second time, quickly learning the importance of dressing in layers.

January 2020: Rise Relief officially rebrands as Kefla

January 2020: Kefla obtains USDA Organic Certification, Fair Trade USA Certification for Cacao, and commits to participation in 1% For the Planet

This is our original prototype. So cute!!
Coconuts are considered a tree nut. This picture illustrates that perfectly.

Our Ingredients


Here at Kefla, we aim to support our customers’ daily wellness routines by developing tasty products sourced with organic ingredients of only the highest quality. In a similar effort to support our producers, we use only Fair Trade certified organic cacao to maintain ethical partnerships that promote trust, respect and transparency.

All USDA certified organic CBD is derived from full spectrum, organically grown hemp that contains cannabinoids, flavonoids, and beyond to promote a multidimensional experience known as the Entourage Effect.

Our secret ingredient is making sure that the ingredients we use have no secrets. We encourage and maintain full transparency around the sourcing, product and development of all Kefla products. We provide Third Party Testing from an ISO 17025 accredited lab for cannabinoid potency and profile of each batch of Kefla’s products.

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