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Commitment to Transparency


As a manufacturer of the highest quality USDA Certified Organic CBD supplements, Kefla is committed to providing full transparency of each of our products cannabinoid profile so consumers can make informed decisions. We do this by providing third party potency test results from an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab for each batch of our USDA certified organic CBD cacao bars and chocolate supplements. You can determine which batch you have by using the best by date on the back of the packaging. To access the potency information, locate the best by date and click on the corresponding hyperlink for that flavor to download the lab result(s) for that batch. On the left hand side of the page, you’ll see the total cannabinoid percentages (%), and on the right hand column you’ll find the amount (mg) of cannabinoids in the specific batch/product. Thank you and enjoy!


FlavorLot #Lab Results (COA)
Dark Chocolate080421COA
Caffe Mocha071621COA
Dark & Salty071421COA
Dark Chocolate071321COA
Matcha Mint070621COA
Mint Flavored CBD Oil122521COA
Unflavored CBD Oil122221COA
Mint Chocolate062621COA
Dark & Salty062421COA
Caffe Mocha060821COA
Dark Chocolate060521COA
Matcha Mint060521COA
Dark & Salty052921COA
Golden Turmeric052921COA
Caffe Mocha052621COA
Dark Chocolate052221COA
Golden Turmeric051521COA
Dark & Salty051521COA
Caffe Mocha050821COA
Matcha Mint050821COA
Dark Chocolate050421COA
Matcha Mint050121COA
Dark & Salty050121COA
Dark Chocolate041621COA
Mint Chocolate041321COA
Golden Turmeric040621COA
Dark & Salty031021COA
Caffe Mocha030921COA
Mint Chocolate030321COA
Acai Chocolate022521COA
Matcha Mint022421COA
Golden Turmeric021321COA
Dark & Salty021021COA
Mint Chocolate021021COA
Dark Chocolate021021COA
Caffe Mocha020321COA
Matcha Mint012721COA
Mint Chocolate012221COA
Golden Turmeric012221COA
Dark & Salty012221COA
Acai Chocolate011521COA
Caffe Mocha011321COA
Dark & Salty011321COA
Mint Chocolate011021COA
Dark Chocolate011021COA
Matcha Mint010721
Golden Turmeric010621COA
Golden Turmeric071320COA
Caffe Mocha071320COA
Acai Chocolate090520COA
Dark & Salty090520COA
Dark Chocolate090420COA
Matcha Mint063020COA
Dark & Salty082820COA
Dark Chocolate080820COA
Dark & Salty080820COA
Acai Chocolate080720COA
Matcha Mint060120COA
Dark & Salty072820COA
Caffe Mocha052120COA
Acai Chocolate071120COA
Dark Chocolate070320COA
Golden Turmeric051320COA
Matcha Mint050520COA
Dark Chocolate062920COA
Dark & Salty062920COA
Acai Chocolate062720COA
Caffe Mocha042820COA
Matcha Mint033120COA
Golden Turmeric032320COA
Dark & Salty051520COA
Dark Chocolate051520COA
Dark & Salty041020COA
Dark Chocolate041020COA
Golden Turmeric020320COA
Matcha Mint010620COA
Acai Chocolate112119COA
Dark & Salty112319COA
Matcha Mint092119COA
Golden Turmeric092119COA
Dark Chocolate111519COA
Caffe Mocha090819COA
Caffe Mocha121118COA
Golden Turmeric120718COA
Golden Turmeric111118COA
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